Inverness is the City in the Highlands where you'll find the warmest of welcomes - whether you choose to visit, explore, shop, relax or use it as a base to explore the surrounding country.  It's in our nature to be friendly and helpful, and we enjoy the craic - Gaelic for chat and light-hearted conversation. Inverness is an exceptional place, the 'in' place to be where there's a real buzz to life and work.

The River Ness runs through the heart of the city, and is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.  You can enjoys views of the city and further into the Highlands while walking its banks - it is a lovely walk and well worth doing if you have the time.

For an evenings culinary delights, Inverness has without doubt a fantastic variety of fine dinning and international menus to local restaurants supplying the diner with the best of the locally sourced produce, with many restaurants catering for every kind of diner, from, meat eaters, vegetarians vegans, and celiac.

To round of an evening, why not experience the local traditional live music venues, to get a feel for the music that Scotland has been enjoying for 2,ooo yrs.